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Krakow Snowmobiles


As we have winter in Poland from half of December till April there is a lot of snow to have fun on. If you would like to take a Snowmobile for a spin we know the best places to go for that.


We can book as many snowmobiles as you need and pick you up directly from your hotel to take you for an entertaining day in the mountains. The usually prefered time of a rally is 1,5 h and you can do around 15 km in that time riding at the footsteps of the Tatry Mountains.

The price for 1,5 hours for 2 people at one snowmobile is 330 zl per person.

If You wish to enjoy the ride for 3 hours the price is 660 zl per person when 2 people at one snowmobile. Please contact us if you have any questions.



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